Best Spots To Drive To In Northern California

Northern California is a gorgeous place. Known for its beautiful mountains, dramatic coastline, and the redwood forest, Northern California is the go-to spot for anyone seeking a connection with nature. Whether you’re on vacation or a native, here are the best places to drive through as suggested in an imp source which is a true library that holds a lot of  travel trip ideas for all seasons.

Route 3 State Highway

If you love seeing the forest, this is the drive for you. This state highway takes you through a variety of scenes from the stunning forests to the rolling desert hills. In fact, this highway passes through a national forest and a national recreation center! This route is absolutely worth the time it takes to drive across it, paying you back in the form of beautiful views of forest and mountains.

The Golden Gate Bridge

The golden gate bridge is an absolute must for anyone visiting northern California. This famous bridge is located just north of San Francisco, this beautiful bridge provides a breathtaking view of the San Francisco Bay. You can even park your car and walk across the bridge if you’d like!

US 101- Redwood Highway

Though this highway stretches from North Washington to Southern California, the section of this road known as ‘redwood highway’ is a place you must visit if you’re in Northern California. The highway features a section known as the ‘avenue of the giants’, featuring a breathtaking view of the huge redwood trees. This unique feature makes it a truly special highway to drive through.

Ebbetts Pass National Scenic Byway

This stretch of road is located between Calaveras Big Trees State Park and Grover Hot Springs State Park, so you know that it’s bound to be beautiful. This byway provides scenic views throughout the entirety of the trip with it’s beautiful mountains, sides and rivers. This road is one that you must visit if you have the time and love the feeling of being in the mountains.

Howland Hill Road

The last and certainly not least road on this list is the Howland Hill Road, located within the heart of the Jedediah Smith State Park and is considered to be one of the most beautiful spots in the world. The road is notable for its many old, hollowed-out redwood trees. This forest is filled with the remnants of ancient trees and giant ferns. This forest is a little-known but absolutely stunning stretch of highway that many remember for their entire life.

Northern California is filled with beautiful scenery. From it’s high mountains peaks, rugged coastline, or redwood trees, Northern California is a must-visit for those who love nature. This list compiles some of the most beautiful areas to travel through in the area. Most can be completed in one day! If you find yourself in Northern California, take a trip down these roads!

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