Great Questions to Ask Before Buying Your First Vehicle

It is no secret that investing in your first vehicle is one of the most exciting milestones in life. Whether you are shopping around here at Roseville Automotive the moment you reach the legal age or purchasing for the first time later down the road, it does not take away the fact that this is an incredible journey that unlocks so many new opportunities. However, as wonderful as this may be, understand that 69% of people actually have what is called ‘buyer’s remorse’ once the deal is said and done.

Now, there are many reasons for this. But one of the underlying ones is car buyers heading into the process not knowing the right questions to ask upfront to fully understand what they are investing in. There are tools like auto loan refinance offered by a bad credit financing dealership, which can help you if your situation changes and you need help with your payments.

When your credit debts get out of control, you may consider seeking credit repair assistance from a place like credit repair to get your finances back on a good track. If you haven’t purchased a vehicle yet, there are some fundamental questions you should ask your automotive salesman regardless of the company you choose to ensure that the vehicle and the deal you pick is exactly what you want and expect.

General Questions for Both New and Used Vehicles

  • What will be the vehicle’s actual total aside from the sticker price when all is said and done?
  • Are there any aftermarket equipment extras that do not come with the base model?
  • How many times has this vehicle been test-driven?
  • What are the payment terms?
  • Does it have a warranty? If so, what does it cover, and how long does it last?
  • Can I take it for an extended test drive?
  • How valuable will this vehicle be in a few years?
  • What are my finance options?
  • Are there any discounts available?

For Used Vehicles

  • Where did you get this vehicle? Was it a trade in, bought at an auction, or did it come from a demo?
  • How many people owned this vehicle up until now?
  • What is the mileage? Can I park it at home or will I need a west end rv storage?
  • Can I see the CarFax report?
  • Have there been any recent maintenance services done? If not, may I have a mechanic look at it?
  • Are the breaks and tires new? If not, when were they changed last?
  • Are there any recalls on this brand that I should be aware of?
  • Was this vehicle repainted in the past? If so, why?
  • Is there any pet or smoke damage?

Conclusion – Ask A Million Questions, and Ask A Million More
As invigorating as car shopping may be, make sure not to let the euphoria distract your judgment when selecting the perfect vehicle for yourself. Furthermore, don’t just pick the first vehicle that catches your eye and call it a day. Even though both the new and used vehicles here at Roseville Automotive are vetted for quality and long-term durability, the one you choose should match your style and feature the innovative luxuries that will give you the best experience possible. And the only way for you to get that is to ask all the right questions to see which option aligns with your needs and desires the best.

Toyota motorhome owners have long known how easy it is to find a quality Toyota vehicle for sale in today’s market – but what are the things you should keep in mind when you’re searching for one Toyota makes many different kinds of vehicles, but there are some models which tend to be more popular than others. In this article we’ll take a look at a few of the more popular options for buyers on the lookout for a new or pre-owned (or even new and used) Toyota.

In the end, know that a respected and reputable dealership will be more than willing to work with you from point A to B so you can feel confident when you drive off the lot in your new ride. Go into the process prepared, well-positioned, and have these key questions in your back pocket so you can gain all the answers you need to make the ideal automotive purchase that you can be proud of now and for years to come. 


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