How to Check Clutch Fluid Level


clutchCars with a hydraulic clutch have fluid that needs to be checked regularly. There is a master clutch cylinder similar to a brake master cylinder. The brake master cylinder is usually near the same area so both can be checked at the same time. This is the procedure for checking the clutch cylinder:

  • Find the location which should be near the back of the engine compartment near the firewall. Refer to the owner’s manual for the correct type of fluid. The brake and clutch cylinders may use the same type.
  • The reservoir will be clear plastic and need to be cleaned off to see the location of the fill line. If the fluid level is low, you will need to top it off while being careful not to overfill the container. 
  • Clean the area around the cap and then remove and thoroughly clean it off before replacing back onto the reservoir. The master cylinder will also need to be cleaned off to avoid dirt falling into the open top. Dirt in the clutch or brake master cylinder can cause damage to internal components of the system. 
  • Add fluid to the correct level and then replace the cap. Brake and clutch fluid will damage paint. Keep a rag nearby during the process just in case there is a spill and wipe the fluid off quickly. 

The fluid level will drop slightly over time, but a drastic change in level may indicate a problem or leak in the clutch assembly. The vehicle should be taken to a qualified service location for an inspection and service if this is the case.

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