4 Car Features Ideal for Drive-In Movies

Drive-in movies offer the unique experience of watching films from your vehicle. If you enjoy outdoor movies and frequent them often, you might want to consider these 4×4 accessories and car features which cater directly to the drive-in
Not only do the following features enhance drive-in movies, but they help with everyday driving and vehicle use as well. Learn how to get the most out of your car features and take your drive-in experience to the
next level as you enjoy your favorite movies.

  1. Sunroof
    A car’s sunroof offers many advantages for the drive-in. When you park to watch the movie, the open sunroof provides fresh air in the vehicle. If you park next to external speakers, then the sunroof provides an additional way to hear audio.
    On a windy night, a sunroof allows you to enjoy the fresh air without the wind blowing dust and debris right towards your face while you watch the movie. Adjustable sunroofs allow you to open the window as little or as much as you need. Automatic sunroof feature control buttons on the inside door handle so you do not have to stand and manually adjust the window.
  2. Hatchbacks
    For additional ways to sit and enjoy drive-in movies, consider a vehicle with hatchbacks. The hatchbacks open wide and provide an area to sit and relax. You may bring blankets and pillows to lounge back and enjoy the comfort of the vehicle.

    Park with the rear of the car facing the screen as opposed to the front. Once popped open, you have a clear view of the screen and a wider angle than the front windshield provides.

    You may lay across the rear of the vehicle or sit on the edge and hang your legs out. With the hatchback open, you may use the floor of the trunk area to place plates, bags of chips, and other snacks to enjoy
    throughout the movie.
  3. Pull-Out Seats
    For vehicles with a hatchback, check for pull-out seats. Before you leave for the drive-in, remove the seats and have a wide-open space to relax and enjoy movies. You may lay directly on the floor of the vehicle or add in your own mattress pad or inflatable mattress from Shop Eva.

    With a portable mattress, you may lay towards the rear of the vehicle to look out the hatchback opening. If the car doesn’t have a hatchback, the pull-out seats may be removed so you can lay down and watch the
    movie out the windshield.
  4. Interior Features
    The interior of a car comes with a number of features ideal for drive-in movies. USB ports allow you to plug in devices used for the movies. For example, you may have a USB speaker for quality sound. A USBpowered fan could provide cool air without the need to start a vehicle and run air conditioning.

    A small USB vacuum will help clean up popcorn kernels and other small messes made from movie snacks. Along with USB ports, look for vehicles with under-seat storage. The storage compartments offer more space than a glove box and are ideal for items used at drive-in movies.

    For example, under-seat storage could hold napkins, wipes, paper plates, and snacks for the movie. You may keep items like candy and chips stored in there for any time you go to the movie. Car cleaning
    accessories like windshield wipes give you the chance to clear debris off the windshield for a clear view of the movie. If you have a cracked windshield make sure you get an auto glass replacement done.

    To help find a car to fit your drive-in and everyday needs, come visit us at Roseville Auto Mall. We have all kinds of cars and will showcase the ones to fit your needs.

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