How much does your vehicle benefit from regular servicing?

It’s common knowledge to know that servicing your vehicle is one of the basic but necessary parts of the ownership experience. Whilst almost all of us follow our vehicle manufacturer’s advice and take our vehicles in for their annual maintenance, it’s sometimes easy to wonder what actual benefit servicing has for our machines. After all, for the most part, your vehicle will come out of the auto shop feeling and looking almost exactly the same as it did going in! For motorhome owners, regular rv repair and service is essential if you want your cross-country trips to be as smooth as possible.

With that in mind, let’s explore what actual benefits your vehicle (and potentially your bank account) has from a good servicing schedule.

Servicing keeps your vehicle as safe as possible

One of the key aspects of servicing involves checking up on and potentially replacing the vital parts of your vehicle that keep you safe on the road. Things like your brakes, tires and suspension components are all thoroughly inspected during a service – as a failure or worn part of these can seriously impact the safety of your vehicle and may even increase your risk of getting in an auto accident.

Worn tires and brakes can make your vehicle difficult to control in hostile conditions such as a wet road, and work or broken suspension can make your vehicle’s driving characteristics unpredictable and potentially uncontrollable. Keeping up a regular servicing schedule means that all key components stay in good working order, which keeps you and all other road users as safe as possible whilst driving.

Servicing helps you achieve good gas mileage

Your vehicle’s motor is made up of hundreds of different moving parts, all working in tandem with one another to impressively tight tolerances. As a result, it is also sensitive to less-than-ideal conditions, which could result in it running inefficiently with less power output.

Changing fluids such as oil in a regular and timely fashion is an essential part of servicing your vehicle. Oil that’s too old loses its lubrication property and thickens in consistency, which puts more strain on the engine, and, at worse, can permanently damage it.

A vehicle with all its fluids in good condition at the right level will be able to operate at the best possible efficiency it was designed for. In turn, that can save you some money through improved gas mileage!

Servicing makes your vehicle hold onto its value

If you’re in the market for a used vehicle, you’re far more likely to trust one that’s had a solid service history over one that has no history at all. The vehicle with the servicing history will be more desirable, and will, therefore, sell at a higher asking price than a non-serviced equivalent.

So, when the time comes to sell your pride and joy, you’ll find yourself at an advantage when it comes to asking price if you keep up a good servicing schedule. The money you put into auto repair services will, in a way, be paid back to you to some degree at the time of resale.

Nobody likes spending money on things they can’t see. But when it comes to servicing, it’s an absolute no-brainer for the benefits it offers.

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