Top Car Care and Maintenance Tips for Summer

High temperature, scorching roads, endless sweating – Summer can take its toll on everyone. Same is the case with your vehicles as summer heat is not very gently on cars either. During summer, some of the most common issues car owners face is battery break down, frequent tire issues, engine overheating problems, change in fluid viscosity and fluid levels. All of these indicators explain that you need to change your car care and maintenance regimen to manage the summer heat. When it comes to you car battery, make sure to purchase a car battery from a trusted company like Standardbatteryinc that offers the top brand batteries.

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The good news is that, you can continue your summer cruises and fun by adopting some suitable car care and maintenance tips. Let’s learn more, shall we?

Ensure Engine Cooling

The last thing you want to face in the middle of a hot day is a broken down engine. Summer heat can easily lead to overheating and shutting down of the car engine. To cope with this issue, ensure proper supply of a good-quality car engine coolant. Check the levels of the coolant and change it as many times as needed. For Toyota Prius owners, bring your car to the auto shop for a prius engine repair right after a breakdown to properly diagnose what caused the engine failure and to prevent it from happening again. Ideally, you can fill the reservoir by using a mix of 50/50 water and coolant mix. If your car’s engine involves rubber components in cooling system, check the engine valves, belts and hydraulic hoses periodically for any kind of melt downs or cracking. If you have a luxury car, better check on its performance with a professional. Visit for more information.

Battery Preparation for Summer

Did you know that excessive vibration and heat, both are the biggest enemies of a car battery? Overheating and excessive vibration during summer days can not only lead to internal issues but also complete breakdown of a seemingly okay car battery. One of the immediate steps you can take is to call a bmw service perth technician to ensure safety and reliability of your vehicle. Next thing you can do is clean away any kind of corrosive build up and stains which appear on car battery due to rapid evaporation of battery fluid during hot days. If you notice a fluid leak in the battery or the case is bloated and misshaped, you might want to take your car to an auto shop for a new car battery installation.

Quick Tip: Since car fluids evaporate rapidly in summer, check the fluid levels and refill as needed every now and then.

Proper Tire Inflation

As compared to the common misconception that under-inflated tires are your best buddy to avoid punctures, let us inform you that properly inflated tires will help you more than your expectations on extremely hot roads during summer. Refer to your driver’s manual to determine the ideal pressure in your car’s tire and check the pressure every month as tires tend to lose approximately one psi of pressure in a month normally.

Be Prepared for Summer Emergency

Although the summer care and maintenance tips mentioned above can prolong the driving quality and life of your car, summer emergencies can only be avoided to a certain extent and may even later require some auto repair. Always keep proper maintenance and gear with you while you are on the road. Looking for car repair shops Lynchburg? Ed’s Automotive, Inc. does auto repair Lynchburg.

Apart from a spare tire, your relied kit shall also include water, jumper cables, testers, flashlight with extra batteries and some non-perishable food items for you. You shall also keep a first-aid kit along with your hand tools and memorize the calling number of a nearby auto body repair shop.

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