New Cars: To Lease or Not to Lease?

roseville automall leaseGetting a new car is a major decision.   It also comes down to more than driving.  For those considering leasing new cars in Sacramento and surrounding areas, there are some serious considerations to contemplate.  You need to consider your options, including whether to lease or not to lease.  Weighing such a decision requires you to understand all of your available options for driving a new car off your local car lot.

Your decision to get a new car involves your own financial understanding of the entire matter.  It also includes your image, especially for professionals where your livelihood is impacted by your public image.

Here is a list of items to take into consideration:

Financial Considerations

Leasing surely has its advantages.  Regular maintenance is included with your lease.  Your monthly lease payment and down payment will most probably be lower than purchasing a new car.  However, leasing a car does include some drawbacks.

Some drawbacks for leasing a new car include:

  • Mileage limitations.  Going over the allotted miles in a lease com at an extra cost.
  • Term limitations.  Usually, you face two basic options at the end of the term: either purchase the car or renew a lease.
  • Insurance coverage.  You are responsible for maintaining full auto insurance coverage on the vehicle. for vehicles that are used primarily for business purposes. You must have commerical van insurance. This insurance covers liability claims, like property damage or medical expenses, if you or one of your employees get into an accident while driving a company van for work.

Image Considerations

Many professionals who are considering new cars in Sacramento and surrounding areas might benefit from a lease.  You can replace your leased vehicle at the end of each term.  Clients will see the newest model and see you as successful.

To Lease or Not to Lease

Your decision whether to lease or not to lease requires that you weigh all of the factors.  Leasing has its benefits as well as drawbacks.  The decision is yours, so make it a sound decision.  Nothing speaks volumes like a new car. 

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