The Fuel Economy of Diesel Cars

More people are turning to diesel powered vehicles for improved fuel economy. Diesel fuel also provides better performance for your engine and less of a pollution problem, plus when problems arise, it is a lot easier to get a diesel engine repair. If you are looking at diesel power for your next vehicle, here are several facts about diesel engine fuel economy. And, if you accidentally ran out of diesel fuel in your home or business, you might want to consider contacting diesel fuel delivery services.

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Diesel versus Gasoline

As a general rule, diesel fuel will cost about the same as gasoline. You may find a low grade gasoline that actually costs less per gallon than diesel fuel. This is quickly offset by the higher miles per gallon achieved with diesel fuel. One reason for the better fuel economy is the higher boiling point of diesel due to the chemical nature of the fuel. Gasoline will evaporate more quickly. The result is a slower burning fuel and higher miles per gallon.

fuel economy diesel

Diesel Efficiency

Diesel engines are 33 percent more efficient than gasoline in fuel economy. The combustion process is the main reason for the high efficiency of diesel engines. A major difference between the two engines is the way diesel fuel mixes with air. In a diesel engine, air is sent in from the top of the cylinder where it is compressed rather than mixing the gas and air previously. As the fuel is injected by a mist, the air ignites pushing the piston. The result is a more efficient operation.

Advantages of Diesel

Diesel engines offer more torque which translates into more acceleration. All types of vehicles including trucks, SUVs, and cars will benefit from this advantage. There may also be a saving during the initial purchase. Diesel-powered vehicles generally cost slightly less than a comparable gasoline-powered vehicle.

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