Don’t Ignore Warning Lights!

Your car is equipped with a number of sensors to alert you of changes in the health of your car. When you turn on the key, all of these will light briefly. This is simply a car bulbs check. If a light does not go out, this could signal a problem, but you at truck electrics you can get the replacements.

Here are a couple common warning lights and what they mean.

The Brake light tells the driver one of two things. Either the emergency brake is engaged and should be release before moving, or the pressure in the brake system has gone below an acceptable level. If releasing the emergency brake does not cause the light to go out, you may be low on hydraulic fluid and/or you may have a leak in the brake system. This should be given immediate attention.

The Oil Pressure light is another warning light not to be ignored. This warning light goes on when the oil pressure in the car has fallen below a certain level. Since the oil in your car is responsible for lubricating the engine parts, if there is not enough oil you could be at risk of engine damage or even fire. Never ignore this one.

The Check Engine light is a signal from your car’s computer system that something is wrong. This can be something as simple as a loose gas cap or more major such as catalytic converter failure.

If the light is flashing, however, it probably indicates a more serious problem, such as a misfire that can quickly overheat the catalytic converter. Emissions devices operate at high temperatures, make you don’t ignore this

If you have a nagging warning light on your dashboard and are unsure how serious it is, call the friendly folks at the Roseville Automall. We’ll get you in for service and make sure you are back on the road and safe.

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