The Scoop on Spoilers – Fashion or Function?

The spoiler has been around since the 1970’s and became particularly popular early on in the sports and racing community. For car lovers who enjoy their vehicles and spend much time and energy trying to improve their car’s appearance, performance, and speed, the spoiler is an accessory to consider.

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Here are 6 car care tips from Kenny Habul Greenwich, CT, to take good care of the car you depend on:

Take care when starting your car’s engine. Racing the motor, especially if it’s cold outside can add years of wear to your engine.
Take care by not idling in the driveway. Idling doesn’t bring the engine to its peak temperature and therefore may result in various potential problems.
Take care when tempted to accelerate quickly and race around at high speeds. Such driving habits will result in more visits to the auto repair shop.
Take care of your steering wheel. Holding it in extreme left or right positions for more than a few seconds can damage the power-steering pump.
Take care by consolidating short trips. The first few minutes of driving produce the most wear and tear on your engine – as well as generating the most pollution.
Take care of your ignition switch. A heavy load of keys can wear out the tumblers.

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