3 Important Vehicle Safety Tips

Practicing vehicle safety is an important goal of responsible driving. We all know that drinking under the influence of alcohol is unsafe, but many other actions can make our ride hazardous too. Before you take that next ride in your new vehicle, consider these vehicle tips to keep you safe.

Don’t eat while driving

Many people like to grab a snack or meal to eat while driving to their next destination, but juggling a sandwich while maneuvering the vehicle adds up to a potentially dangerous situation. Actually, you need one, and sometimes both, hands off the wheel to eat while driving, which makes it all the more difficult. To be safe, wait until you arrive at your destination or have a snack before you leave in the vehicle. It also keeps your vehicle cleaner.

Keep the pets at home

Driving with your furry friend may seem harmless, but if you’ve ever tried it then you know how difficult it is. Dogs like to wander back and forth in a car and are even prone to plopping down on the driver’s lap! Hawaii has now made it against the law to drive with your pet on your lap. Fortunately, you can still bring your pet with you if you purchase a pet restraining seatbelt.

Put the electronics on hold

We’re all aware of how dangerous texting and driving is, but the fact is many people still do it. The United States Department of Transportation says that even if you take your eyes off the road for five seconds – long enough to send or read a text — while driving 55 miles an hour, it’s the same as driving the “length of an entire football field with your eyes closed.” That is startling! Use can use your phone’s auto “Do Not Disturb” feature. This will detect when you’re driving and send callers and texters a message letting them know you will get back to them shortly.

Aside from the cell phones, there are GPS’s that are distracting too. If you need to check an alternate route or add a stop along the way, pull over first or have a passenger do it for you.

Enjoy that new vehicle by practicing safe driving. For more vehicle tips, contact us at Roseville Automall today!

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