6 Pre-owned Vehicle Purchasing Tips

Are you thinking about buying a preowned vehicle? Since we understand how difficult it is to find a great deal on a quality pre-owned car, here are six vehicle purchasing tips that can help you during the decision process.


  1. Check other websites to make sure you are getting a fair price on the vehicle. Is the dealer’s price reasonable with the amount listed on other websites? Remember to consider the car’s total mileage, condition and other important components that will affect its value.
  2. Go on a test drive before you buy it. After all, you should only buy a car that you are comfortable in and enjoy driving.
  3. Ask the car dealership if the car is certified by the manufacturer as preowned. Looking for a trustworthy car dealership with a wide variety of cars and low prices? Check out used car dealerships indianapolis.
  4. Ask the dealership’s sales person for a copy of the car’s certification checklist. This can help you see which parts of the vehicle were inspected.
  5. Ask the sales person for more information about the automobiles warranty. Is the car still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty? Or is it not covered anymore due to the car’s age and mileage?
  6. Ask for the car’s history of repairs and maintenance.

Please contact us today by email or visit us on Automall Drive in Roseville, CA. Our experienced sales people can find out more about what you are looking for in a vehicle and make a recommendation. You can also look through our online inventory of preowned cars to see what’s available. We can also help you receive financing so you can drive away with the car of your dreams!

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