How to Troubleshoot a Car’s Clutch

car clutchAlthough many automakers are moving towards automatic transmissions as standard equipment, the good old manual shift still provides a more interactive driving experience for people who enjoy pushing their car to the limit. Depending on how you drive, a clutch can last for 60,000 miles or more. When your clutch starts giving you problems, you should consider getting a transmission rebuild service from a transmission shop. Here are a few ways to identify when a clutch needs repair or replacement.

Slipping Clutch

One of the most common problems with a clutch occurs when you take your foot off and the clutch doesn’t fully engage. This creates a sensation like your car is failing to gain traction, but really the clutch plate is not engaging and either needs adjustment or replacement. A prominent used car location in Sacramento that offers clutch repair services is Roseville Automall.

Excessive Noise

If you constantly ride your clutch or don’t keep up with a proper lubrication schedule, chances are the throwout bearing will “chatter” or make a rattling noise when you push the pedal all the way to the floor. Possible solutions include replacing the clutch shaft pilot bearing, adjusting the clutch pedal, or lubricating the clutch linkage.

Clutch Won’t Release

Sometimes the clutch continues to spin after you release your foot off the pedal. This can be caused by improper adjustment of the linkage, low fluid, or a bad cylinder. Sometimes there is even air in the line. This can be a dangerous situation at a stoplight as you will be sitting still when others are expecting you to move.

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