Tires: Don’t Just Kick Them—Check Them for Safety

The experts at the 17 dealerships in the Roseville Automall near Sacramento, California, know the importance of your tires. For your family’s safety and to protect your auto investment they encourage regular tire inspections. You can go further, and make sure that you treat tires as an investment. By that we mean that you shouldn’t just get what’s on sale or cheaper, but rather you should invest in high quality and known- brand tires. At the end of the day, getting tires from a well known brand like nissan tires for example, will ultimately last you for longer which means you won’t have to invest in new sets of tires until quite some time later. Once they have seen proper use and lots of mileage, you can start the process again with a fresh set. In the meantime, examining your tires every so often can catch issues with them early, prevent accidents, and even save lives. Let’s go over a few things to look out for when inspecting your tires.

  • Inspect the tire edges. Are they worn? If so they may be underinflated. Add more air and check for leaks, if you do not check an emergency Mobile commercial tire repair may be need it.
  • What about the center treads? If the center of the tire seems worn it may be overinflated. Inflate only to manufacturer’s specifications.
  • Lopsided tire wear? It’s probably due to poor alignment. Have your wheels balanced and aligned.
  • Uneven wear, bald spots, cups or scallops? It’s too late. Your tires may be unbalanced but balancing now is probably too little too late.
  • Front tires showing wear on edges only? Slow down when going around curves.
  • Tires complaining with strange noises? New tires and/or shocks may be needed.
  • Squealing tires, especially on curves? Your tires may be out of alignment, underinflated, or short on tread. Better take action.

Roseville Automall is one of the largest used car dealerships in Sacramento.  Located just minutes from Sacramento off I-80.  Take the Douglas Road East exit and make your first right on Sunrise.  We offer thousands of used and new cars to choose from as well as excellent parts and service. Check your tires—then come in today!

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