Camaro launches into 2016 with new Features

2016 Chevrolet Camaro

You expect special features from Chevy Camaro, but the 2016 model will make even the most hardened enthusiast smile. The list is impressive making it one of the best new Chevrolet cars. We will skip over the usual extras and jump right to the over-the top goodies. Here are several examples to raise your heart rate.

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  • Turbo-Charged four cylinder engine – This is the first four cylinder engine offered for Camaro in 30 years. Don’t write off this little powerhouse too soon. The 2.0 liter will produce a respectable 270 horsepower with 290 ft-lb of torque. This is available for the entry LT model and provides driving excitement while going easy on your fuel budget.
  • Customized Instrument cluster – An 8-inch LCD screen is positioned between the speedometer and tach on the upper-trim version. Three different instrument configurations with three upper gauges and four underneath are possible this option. This is independent of the 8-inch dash screen.

2016 Chevrolet Camaro Instrument Panel

  • Functional hood vents – The Camaro SS is equipped with with hood vents that reduce front end lift and supply more cooling to the engine. Another advantage is with the positioning of the vents, engine compartment standing air is removed by low-pressure air flowing over the hood.
  • Wider track – Suspension parts made of aluminum are 21 percent lighter than used in previous years. This enables Camaro to have a wheelbase that is 1.6 wider in front and 1.2 inches wider in the rear by using longer suspension pieces.

These are just several of the exiting features available for the new generation Camaro. Visit the Roseville Automall to check out all the possibilities. Whether you choose the turbo four cylinder power plant, the direct-injection V6, a bosch injection pump or the 426 horsepower V8 available for the SS version, you will not be disappointed by this American classic sports car.

The Roseville Automall – Driven To Be the Best!!!

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