How to Find the Right Oil Filter

oil filterFinding the right oil filter is easy. Just look up your make and model year at the store, or online, or consult your owner’s manual, and a filter manufacturer’s designation number will be at your fingertips.

However, your vehicle is a major investment, and as such it deserves more thought than simply taking the easiest path to any old oil filter. Finding the right oil filter depends on the choices you make about vehicle maintenance, or in some cases by requirements to meet the manufacturer’s performance criteria in order for them to honor their power train warranty.

The majority of passenger vehicles sold use the recognizable, and disposable, “spin on” cartridge oil filter. They come in various sizes based upon the volume of oil they clean. That said, there are key internal differences despite them all looking alike.

The biggest factor that affects your oil filter decision is the type of oil your engine is using. If your vehicle demands the use of synthetic oil, or you’ve elected to use it to extend your service intervals, now is not the time to buy the cheapest filter. A premium filter, which can cost double the price of a basic one, is not a gimmick. Inside these expensive filters is synthetic media that supplements the traditional folded cellulose fiber media. This mixed media enables the capture of much smaller particulates suspended within the oil. By virtue of cleaning the oil more thoroughly, the premium filters are a better match for the longer oil change intervals that synthetic and semi-synthetic motor oils allow.

A cheaper filter will be cleaning oil less effectively, demanding a shorter change interval, so inform yourself before choosing one.

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