Protect Your Ride – How to Choose A Car Seat Cover

Don’t wait until you have a stain or rip in your car seats to install seat covers. Protect your seats right from the new car showroom before any damage occurs. Be safe from spills, pet damage, UV rays from the sun and normal every day wear and tear. There are many styles of seat covers available today that protect your seats while adding a unique look to your vehicle.

seat  coversTypes of Seat Covers

There are a variety of materials used in modern car seat covers. Neoprene is the popular choice for off-roading because of its waterproofing capability.  Ballistic nylon also offers water-proofing and spill protection, but is not the most comfortable material for seating. This is however, a long-lasting durable solution. Velour is a plush alternative. The obvious downfall being a lack of waterproofing protection. If you are looking for style and are a fairly clean driver, this may be the answer for you. Several other options are available such as leather, suede, and tweed. Suede is a good cost-effective replacement for leather. Be sure that the suede has been treated with weather resistant material. Tweed can be a less-costly and more stain resistant alternative to velour.

The Proper Fit

There are custom seat covers which are designed to fit your vehicle exactly which offer style and practicality and also semi-custom options that are available off the rack. Some of these are quite nice at half the price, but may require some adjustments for a perfect fit.  Research both alternatives to find the right match for your vehicle.

Choosing the right seat cover for your vehicle is a personal choice. Consider your lifestyle and personality when making your final decision. When looking for a new or used vehicle in the Sacramento area, please visit the new car showrooms at Roseville Automall for excellent prices and a large selection.

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