Improve Your Fuel Economy – Tips and Tricks to go Further

With ever rising gas prices we are all try to make the most of our fuel economy.  Whether it is purchasing the cheapest gas we can find, fueling up less often, carpooling, or riding our bikes to work, or even purchasing a hybrid or full electric vehicle, we are all looking for ways to make our gas go a little further.

Here are some tips and tricks from the experts:

  • Clean Air Filter– believe it or not a filthy air filter can reduce gas efficiency by 20%
  • Spark Plugs – dirty or faulty spark plugs can reduce fuel economy up to 12%
  • Tires – You probably know this, but having your tires well balanced with proper air pressure will save you miles and money.  Remember to keep them at “Goldie Locks” status, not too much, not too little, but just right for best results
  • Plan ahead – There are lots of apps and other tools you can use to help find the best gas prices.  Planning out your trip ahead can save you a trip to the cleaners.
  • Change Errand time – doing errands when there is lighter traffic can help your sanity and gas mileage.
  • Unclutter the Car – for every 250 lbs. you have lying around in the car you lose about 1 gallon per mile in fuel economy. This clutter also includes the electronics your car is connected to. For example, you can replace your generic brand humidor with some of the Best Humidors you can find online. This decreases the power consumption.
  • Mind the Cap – It’s estimated that over 174 MILLION gallons of gasoline vaporize every year due to gas caps that aren’t properly secured.  Just turn, click, and save!

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