Buying New Cars: Tips for Your First Purchase

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Purchasing a vehicle is a really big deal. Purchasing a vehicle is the second largest purchase most people make in their lifetime behind the purchase of a home. As a result, you can use the following tips to get the most bang for your buck when you start looking for new cars in Sacramento.


Before you hit the ground and start shopping for new cars in Sacramento, start by researching vehicles on the web, especially the features and packages. The more informed you are about the features, the better you’ll be able to avoid paying for unnecessary features. You should also pay attention to the gas mileage, range of prices, and every other important aspect. This research should render a short list of new cars in Sacramento that meets your needs.

Set a Budget

Your budget should be your guiding light for your purchase. Simply put, if it’s not in your budget, you shouldn’t make the purchase. A good rule of thumb is to allocate less than 20% of your income to the vehicle, including car insurance, maintenance, gas, etc. You may also need to set aside a budget for a car storage space. You may build a garage with sturdy garage floors and secure doors.

Test Drive

After you have done your research and have reduced your list based on your needs and your budget, you should be ready to hit the pavement and start test driving. Many people do not like test driving vehicles. However, it’s the best way for you to get an understanding of the control and feel of the vehicle. When you take a vehicle for a test drive, ask yourself:

  • Are you comfortable with the power?
  • Do you like the steering response?
  • Are you comfortable sitting in the vehicle?
  • Is the turning radius of the vehicle suitable for your needs?

In addition, make sure you understand all of the features work and can navigate the dashboard.


Vehicle warranties are much like insurance; you only need it when you need it. When you are purchasing a new car in Sacramento, make sure you at least consider purchasing a vehicle warranty. In most cases, these warranties only cost a fraction of the cost of repair.

Find Discounts

The majority of automakers offer new car incentives in the form of cash-back and other benefits. In addition, you may be able to find various discounts, such as recent graduate discounts, current student discounts, and military discounts. Make sure you research and apply all possible discounts before you make your purchase.

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