Seat Belt Safety and Pregnancy

Although there are precautions to take, safety experts definitely recommend that expecting mothers wear their seat belts when traveling in a vehicle. Some mothers may fear that the belt will injure the baby, but the best way to make sure the baby is safe is to keep the mother alive. Unfortunately there are cases where the mother is injured, if you were one of them then you should contact personal injury attorneys for legal representation.

Wear Belt under Bellyseatbelt safety1

Make sure to position your belt underneath the belly, high on the thighs and across your hips. The shoulder belt needs to go between the breasts and alongside the belly. It’s important to keep the belt on until responders arrive, as the shoulder belt keeps pressure off the baby following a collision. Pull the belt tightly to ensure a snug fit. If your vehicle is older, you might consider an upgrade with all the newest safety equipment. Roseville Auto Mall has an extensive lineup of exotic new cars for sale.

Get Treatment after a Crash

It’s important to get a doctor’s examination as soon as possible following a crash to ensure there are no issues with the baby. This is especially important if you are in the final trimester of pregnancy. You are typically entitled to compensation for any damages or injuries that resulted from the accident especially if you seek the services of personal injury lawyers or a car accident lawyer from a reputable law office. Contact car accident lawyers in lafayette immediately to begin building your case.

Keep Air Bags On

Although most vehicles offer a switch to turn the passenger air bags off, it’s critical to keep them on unless the passenger is a small child. In the case of an expectant mother, the air bags can protect against head injuries that could also endanger the baby.

Sit in the Back

If you’re riding as a passenger, pregnant women should always sit in the back seat if possible to lessen the possibility of injuries after a car crash. If you’re very concerned about the effects of a car crash on your baby, most new cars for sale have a whole slew of new safety features that help avoid collisions.
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