Vehicle Tips: 3 Benefits of Waxing Your Vehicle

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We tend to think of waxing your car as being the height of obsession with your automobile. We all give our cars a wash from time to time, but when you spend all that time going from bumper to bumper to put a wax coat on it, isn’t that taking things a little too far?

Well, waxing your car isn’t just vanity; there are practical benefits.

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3 Benefits of Waxing Your Vehicle

Benefit #1: You Don’t Have To Wash A Waxed Car (As Often, Anyway)

When you wax your car, you’re creating a protective layer over it. This makes rain and dirt slide right off, keeping the car cleaner for longer. So you can wash, then wax, or just wash… but if you waxed it, you might not have to wash it again until next month, instead of next week. Car wrapping is another good option if you want your car to have protection against the weather, sun exposure, and road hazards. Furthermore, vehicle wraps can be a great way to advertise your business.

Benefit #2: Sunblock For Your Car

We all know that UV rays fade anything left in the sun for too long. It’s what that black ball cap in your back window is a light purple by the end of the summer. Well, the same thing happens to your paint. A layer of wax, though, can mitigate the effects of the sun, and keep your paint job looking rich and fresh even if the sun is glaring down on your parking spot.

Benefit #3: You Won’t Get Scratched (As Much, Anyway)

No one likes having scratches in their car, and waxing it is a good way to prevent that. Minor scratches, such as from a light brush of a door, or from falling seeds, will be completely prevented by a good waxing, since the wax will take the hit instead of your paint. It won’t prevent bigger accidents, but wax can act as a protective shield against everyday wear and tear. If you notice dents on the body of your car, a paintless dent repair service could fix them immediately.

A properly applied layer of powder coating will also resist the unwanted advances of various contaminants, the damage incurred by pitting and corrosion, and the early onset of rust on your car so you should consider finding really good powder coating suppliers.

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