Hot Features in New Cars

hot new car features

Are you looking for a new car in the Sacramento area? There are some great new features available in this year’s models. Here are a few to get you started in your quest.

The BMW 7- Series sedan comes equipped with night vision. A camera mounted in the bumper can detect movement up to 300 feet ahead. The image is displayed onto the navigation screen. This gives you more time to react and avoid danger. How is that for high-tech!

Do you usually have passengers riding in the back seat? Ford is offering an inflatable rear seat belt. During a front end or side impact, the belts activate for added safety; an especially useful feature for young or older passenger and persons with neck problems.

Infinity has BSI or Blind Spot Intervention for anyone who has a tendency to wander off the center of the lane. Radar mounted in the rear bumper area detects other vehicles and a camera in front of the rear view mirror locates lane markers. There is a warning light and audible signal to alert the driver, along with automatic braking if necessary.

Is most of your driving in the city? How about automatic parallel parking to make your job easier? Cameras work together to ease you into the parking spot once you confirm your intention to the system. You need only apply brakes when necessary.

You can find vehicles with these futuristic features at the Roseville Automall, when looking for a new car in Sacramento. Come and browse through our inventory today.

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