Don’t Let Poor Visibility Ruin Your Trip – Check Your Wipers

Many accidents are caused by poor visibility. If you have ever been in that situation then you know, you can get nervous which makes your driving all that much worse. There are a number of reasons why this could happen, and one of them is old or damaged glass. The sun, heat, and just time itself can affect the glass these car windshields and windows are made of. You should therefore take your vehicle to an auto glass repair shop every so often for windshield repair services. This is specially true if your vehicle spends everyday in the sun for several hours a day, or if it has been involved in a fire or collision.

If the reason for the poor visibility is also affecting vehicles and their drivers around you, you could be involved in an accident. Be sure to contact a good personal injury attorney and work with them if this happens. Following due process is very important, and a professional in the field can help you better understand your options and what you should be doing.

In order to keep your vision clear, be sure your windshield wiper blades are ready. Especially in pelting rain and snow, the experts at Sacramento California’s Roseville Automall urge you to:

  • Inspect your wipers frequently by running your fingers along the rubber edge. If the rubber is damaged or your windshield streaks, it is time to replace them.
  • Clean your wipers frequently with a soft rag and dish detergent to prevent having to buy replacements for a few more months.
  • Always replace your wipers in pairs, even if only one is showing signs of wear.
  • Forget about saving money by buying only the replacement inserts. Buy the whole blade assembly for an easier installation and a more secure fit.
  • Check the rear wiper as well. It may not be used often but it is still exposed to the elements.
  • Remember: even when you’re not using them, dirt, debris, and road grime are hard on your wipers. Sunlight shreds their rubber edges. Worn wipers streak your windows, increasing glare. Torn wiper blades can allow the upper arm to rub against the glass, possibly damaging your windshield.
  • Check your wipers regularly and replace them before you need to use them.

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