Cloth or Leather Seats – Is there a clear choice?

If you are purchasing a new car for sale in Sacramento, CA and are debating the decision of cloth vs. leather seats, let the friendly experts at the Roseville Automall help you understand the pros and cons of each.  Here is some helpful information to consider…

Cloth seats can be a cozy option in the winter months but with heated seats, the cold leather feeling is quickly dispelled. Leather can also perceived as hot and sweaty in the summer months but if you drive a luxury car with your air conditioning on, the car temperature becomes less of an issue. Some brands even offer air conditioned seats, eliminating all the sticky issues with leather in the summer.

Leather is much easier to clean than cloth, especially for any type of quick spill.  It can easily be wiped away without much effort.  Cloth on the other hand will absorb a liquid spill and depending on the nature and extent of the spill, may require professional cleaning.

To be fair, leather does require its share of cleaning and your leather seats should be well-cared for to prevent them from drying out and cracking – the number one complaint from unhappy leather owners.  A good conditioner with mink oil to replace the natural oils from the animal is highly recommended.

Other reasons to choose cloth or leather may depend upon where you live, what type of vehicle you drive, and what you carry in your car.  For example, if you drive a truck, especially a real work-horse, leather may be an unnecessary expense. If you have large dogs, their nails and your new leather seats may be a bad combination.  If you live in a very hot or very cold zone, you may prefer cloth.

For some new car buyers, there is no replacement for the smell and feel of high quality leather.  If you are buying a new car, make the right choice for you.  And if you have any questions or concerns, please visit us at the Roseville Automall.  We have the largest selection of new cars for sale in Sacramento, CA.

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