Car Know How- How Your Air Conditioning Works

It may not be the right time of year to discuss air conditioning, but we thought it would be cool anyway.  Many people out there don’t know about the amazing things that go on under their hood to not only get them from point A to B, but to allow them to travel in comfort! Today we’re going to educate you how your air conditioner works in your car and how important car air conditioning service is.

First let’s talk about the system itself.  The air conditioning system is comprised of four parts: a compressor, condenser, expansion valve, and evaporator.  The compressor compresses coolant (Freon) rapidly heating the coolant until it becomes gas that is extremely hot.  Then it moves to the condenser where it is cooled until it becomes liquid again.  After becoming liquid again it moves to the expansion valve where it becomes a low pressure gas again.  As it moves to the evaporator the rapid expansion of the low pressure gas creates a rapid cooling result.

As the Freon creates this cooling effect, a fan in front of the evaporator blows air to send the cool air through vents to be distributed into your car. This process takes time to get going.  That is why when you crank the A/C on a hot day it takes a minute or two before that beautiful cold air can begin to pour through the vents cooling off yourself and your passengers.

Both the air conditioner and heater systems are connected.  There is a door in the middle that moves from side to side to regulate hot and cool air acting as a diverter.  When you turn the temperature dial in your car, this door moves to one side or the other to increase or decrease the amount of cool or hot allowed into the vents, thus  letting you to control your desired temperature.  Individual “comfort zones” in more advanced vehicles are nothing more than additional doors that allow a person to control the ratio of hot and cool air on their side of the vehicle.

An amazing system that provides amazing comfort during the warmer months…  If you have questions or you think your air conditioning might need maintenance, turn your attention to the car ac repair experts.

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